Friday, June 20, 2014

Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space

listen to this and fall out of your body.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Black Monolith

I see Kingo is posting weird music, so I will post metal. I need to find some more weird stuff though, but for now: BLACK MONOLITH - Passenger. This album is another slab of black metal crust from the bay area, where the weather seems to be nice, but the music is full of doom. See Monuments Collapse for another example. This album is pay what you want (including zero) for the rest of this weekend. get it folks, then sit back with a pudding cup and shoot spitballs at your ceiling.


You can get this awesome slab of sludgey blackened metal for 30% using code DWDEAL530. do it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


"Modersohn-Becker is a duck."

It says so.

I walked out of the room, and then I walked back into the room.  MOR was playing when I left, and still playing when I walked back in.  It didn't take me long to get my kids' pajamas.  I don't know why I'm still getting my seven year old's pajamas out of the drawer for her.  Shut up.

There's something to be said for this stuff, though.  It has a sort of found-sound soundscape field-recording quality, but music at the same time.

My name is Ffarnle Blascot and I disapprove of this message.



The first track here - - on the album reabsorption, The Lost Kingdom - reminds me of something.  It's unimportant what it is.

Someone is playing a guitar, and possibly a bass, through an entire broken equipment.  The hackles.  I could chain the ears of my head beneath the desk of my self, burn.  That droning, bent note, scraping across the masonry blocks.  Turn your head to the left.  Whatever you do, don't cough.  Hugh Dunworthy, limping past the basement window.

There are acoustic instruments there.  I recognize the constructs.  There is a piece that is not a piece of desk and you can attach broken metal strings to it.  Nothing will happen.

Asangata is on here:
I don't know what anyone can do at  I used to know.  It helps me to dream when I am sleeping but dreaming that I am not sleeping.  

Hit that thing again.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

More things from the Woozy Tribe

Yesterday I stumbled on the music of Cool Timmy or Timothy Wizard who seems to have a number of releases under different names. Deathwish & Dead Bells falls under the messedupcoyote banner and it's fucking awesome. Noisy, loud guitars, punk rock, video game melodies. This guy does all this stuff by himself at home. I might like this record more than than the Cool Timmy album I posted yesterday. Again it's a PWYW release so go grab this and crank the hell out of it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cool Timmy - Slow Club

This is something I randomly found on bandcamp today and it's pretty great. Some of it has a bit of Portugal.The Man feel only more lo-fi.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the drawer that fell out




a few words

halaka is currently in the process of doing two splits with two very different artists.

halaka is also maybe, possibly, could probably be pressing a limited LP




maybe I will write about music here again.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Devariate Ion - Wrap Around Constellations

Devariate Ion's latest set of music, "Wrap Around Constellations," is truly a meteor through the heavens.  Star light leaks from the edges of the plastic jewel case (if you're lucky/unlucky enough to find it in that format, as opposed to the mp3 version floating around the global thread-line.)  Your eyes see the flickers and you wonder if you're hallucinating.  Or maybe you're hallucinating.

A flight, full of passengers, disappears.  All hands lost.  An investigator from the FAA is called to investigate the arrival of flight 107, which landed and followed the runway attendant's signals but then turned out to be empty of passengers and pilots alike.  Eventually the FAA investigator walks face first into the propeller.

You hear this as you listen.  The album starts slow, with a wash of what sounds like heavily processed, broken synthesizers, far-away snippets of found sound or just real-world recordings, traffic on a country road, early spring birds.  The entire opening track, "Triangulation through Antares," builds like this, seemingly mounting an aural assault that feels as if it will arrive at any moment, but never does.

You'll need to wait for tracks halfway into the album to finally arrive at the peace of having those expectations met, and then squashed.  But don't expect the sense of peace to last.  As the early, Tangerine Dream like meditations give way to the full assault of what could be an early 80s thrash band by way of some shoe gaze acid metal circa 2005, with vocals so processed they might not be made by a human at all, you'll be able to breath easy, though through your clenched teeth, through that relatively understandable middle section (tracks 5 - "Burned by a Scenseless Mist," and 6 - "Though in Heaven They Will Wash Your Memories Away.")  But the recognizable instrumentation and song structure is quickly obliterated again as you at first drift towards, and are then pulled bodily into,  the labyrinthine and utterly broken ambient sounds atop garbage-disposal-processed track 7 ("You've Lost Your Luncheonette, Peeling,") and then your footing is utterly lost (almost back into Phaedra-era Tangerine Dream, here, though the undercurrent still sounds as if there's a thrash band down beneath the arpeggiated synth washes somewhere) in tracks 8 ("Belly of Erebos") and 9 ("The Lathe of Northern Pennsylvania.")

The album stretches for over 90 minutes, with the final track, the sprawling, cold, and mostly synthesized track 10, "Hope Despite the Harbor of Anhedones," taking up 30 of those.

The distance from emotion that is embodied by the entirety of this production is clearly intentional, but it nonetheless presents an edifice that is very difficult to penetrate.  This feels like an album that might reward someone who is adventurous enough to give it repeated listens, but at the same time the early listens might not offer enough of a foothold to give anyone any reason to do so.