Saturday, January 24, 2009


Algebrassiere are/were an experimental noise crust folk improv band from the eastern shore of

Mooning Mardella

I think this is the title, but it's hard to tell from the artwork. I'm working under the assumption here that this was self released and is out of print. I was given a copy of this album by the band in 2002.

1. intro
2. rubic's cube
3. balls in bag
4. local signs
5. whatever happened to meatland?
6. beer is near
7. i hear jesus drinks beer
8. i beat up the green lantern
9. the beltway
10. famous jews and hindus
11. kenny loggins soundtrack
12. like a real crazy night (white-line fever)
13. the armless unicyclist
14. the day is over (for dead grandpas)
15. through the night
16. tommy's mullet
17. summon my sword
18. i luv fun
19. another saturday night
20. fire the d
21. noise pollution
22. soon it will be christmas day (for t.t. boy)
d/l (mp3 .rar 99mb)


this album appears to be self titled, the only info is printed on the cd label. also seems self-released. I was given a copy of this album by a member of the band in 2002.

1. Testing
2. Esquire Ascot
3. Cursed By The Fast Food Industry
4. Billy Ripken Suicide Note
5. Delmar
6. Crebs
7. Leonard's Garage Doors
8. Gameshow Champion
9. Handy Dandy
10. Tuff Az Nailz

d/l (mp3 .rar 49 mb)

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