Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fuchsia Death Records

Fuchsia Death Records - More Stuff That Hasn't Been Released Anywhere Yet and Some that Never Will Be (2002?)

In the heady, unwashed, wild, Styrofoam days of the earlier internet, back in the 2000 era, when mp3.com wasn't what it is now and myspace wasn't anything at all, some independent music groups put... sentences that they were unable to finish.

One of those was a collective of interconnected bands called Fuchsia Death Records. The name of each band depended on which members of the collective were in it. What I just said doesn't make sense.

There'll be more about this later. Pile Records agreed in 2008 to release some of the early material on CDR. That project is still in the works and will continue to be so until 2028. In the meantime, here's a nice place to start. This is a sampler of songs from the various pieces of the collective, titled, ironically enough, "More Stuff That Hasn't Been Released Anywhere Yet and Some that Never Will Be."

1. VEC - Garbage
2. The Hydrology - 8 is the Number at Which a Beautiful Ewe Sprang Forth From the Bushes
3. The Hydrology - untitled
4. VEC - Garbage
5. BAZ - Ambient Recordings
6. Ob Stokkem - Bon Jovi Getting a Root Canal
7. BAZ - Jar of Mayonnaise
8. BAZ - Vomiting in 3D
9. VEC - Garbage
10. Ob Stokkem - The Ceramic Pig Project (Verdant Thumbtacks Mix)
11. BAZ - untitled
12. Neon Sandwich - F# (live)

VEC - Viscous Elvis Cyst


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