Saturday, January 24, 2009

funny cry happy

funny cry happy

on a clear night you can smell for miles (2004)

This fellow is in now way connected to pile records, but I love this record and it's already on the interwebs for free. So here you go.

Description from the artist: The second full-length from Brooklyn's Funny Cry Happy. Infectiously surreal folk strums set atop an ever-shifting psychedelic sound field of bells, banjos, birds, radio static, recordings made in a tunnel under a highway in Boulder, reconstructed trumpets, accordion, uke, dubbed snares, organ drones, the ever-present toy piano, and whatever else was lying around. The kitchen sink was left off this time (though was included on FCH's self-titled 2002 debut).

Played email tag with fch over the summer, he mentioned he had some new stuff, but it wasn't done yet. We can only hope.

d/l (vbr .mp3 51 mb)

Postcards: Atlantic City EP

this is a field recording.

d/l (vbr .mp3 19 mb)

Postcards: Consumer Electronics Show (2006)

another field recording.


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