Friday, May 8, 2009

Listen to that Guy yelling from the back room

Might not fit. I've been twisting it as hard as I can, but something seems a little off. I might be well served by one of those tool things like my dad has, taps and dies. It taps, it dies. It taps, it dies.

It's this kind of thing, you know? Some Friday mornings it's this kind of thing that I'm in the mood for without knowing it. Their myspace (ack) page says this about them: "sounds like: 4 guys in a room filled with ancient sound equipment fighting for dear life." They're called Lofi, so you can only take anything with a satchel of bad melons. But against the odds, the thing I sort of fell on at is pretty nice like driftwood. What makes me tick, very often, is exactly what's going on in the third track, called "small town." Keep listening. You'll hear it. Yeah, that part.

Sometimes the drums are boxes, I swear. The toms. Listen to those toms. BOXES. Can't go wrong.

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  1. Is this some kind of secret tom petty side project?