Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cassette music

composer:appalachian yard art

these files are .m4a

sounds like somebody on a porch with a microcassette recorder.

side A

side B


  1. I like what yer doin' here.
    You may find stuff to like over at my place, methinks.

    Lots of never before released stuff...


  2. Thanks for the comment, will check out your blog. OK to repost links of interesting things over here?

  3. holy shit, this is my stuff. i never knew anyone ever even listened to it! let alone possibly enjoyed it. fuck, i'm pumped. i just googled my stuff because i finally decided to set up a blog to put some of this stuff out there. anywho, the blog is just appalachianyardart.blogspot.com

    thanks a ton for listening to this and putting it out there for others. it means a lot to me.


  4. if you like this stuff, you might enjoy more (shameless self promotion goes here). anyway, i put a bunch of shit up, including this one at appalachianyardart.blogspot.com

    all lo-fi, folky stuff resulting from living in ohio all my life. i'd appreciate it if you took a gander. thanks.
    and i'm glad someone actually found that cassette tape i put out there.