Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I will not sleep after eating.

I will not be beaten by Kingo.

Presenting: Turkey Makes Me Sleepy
Spacey electronic noise, but also traditional rock instrumentation, probably some circuit bent bit? Quiet and loud guitars, live drums, sampled drums, sampled voices, live voices. All blurbs written by somebody associated with the Turkeys or their handlers. I'm posting links to 5 of their records that I picked randomly from They have more stuff. I wonder what would happen if these guys and Halaka ever smash faces???

These guys made some tapes in the 90's. They're the Gobbler's gizzard.

ALBUMS (all vbr

Aberrations Of Collaboration

The cassette album: "Aberrations Of Collaboration" was released in 1999 by Taped Rugs Productions. It was the first and only Turkey Makes Me Sleepy (TMMS) album to incorporate musicians outside of the group's core trio. All of the pieces presented here are unedited improvisations. No additional materials nor sound effects have been added to them. The usual wide variety of instruments, non-instruments, pre-recorded media, sound effects, etc., which glues together every TMMS recording is present here, but the additional musicians add extra dimensions which propel these pieces into unexplored areas of sonic space.

Buttertub Of Paperclips

Buttertub Of Paperclips was the final Turkey Makes Me Sleepy cassette album, a 90-minute extravaganza of improvised odds and ends, compiled from the group's last few recording sessions, released in 2000 by Taped Rugs Productions. It is, by far, the loosest of the group's releases and possibly the most fun because of its "throw caution to the wind" attitude.

The Big Part of the Wishbone
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary on April 26th, 2007 with an all-day improvisational recording session. Before that day, group members Michael Adams (Mikadams), Charles Rice Goff III, and Eric Matchett had not all been in a single room at the same time since 2000. The session took place at the Taped Rugs Productions studio in Lawrence, Kansas. - video of some of the above performance.

Foundling Feathers

All of these recordings are improvised performances which were initially recorded on a four track cassette deck. These pieces feature a wide variety of instruments and non-instruments. This archive also contains jpegs of related album covers and promotional materials.

Rocks on Mars

The Taped Rugs Productions family has a long tradition of hosting improvisational recording sessions on July 4th of each year. In 1997, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy incorporated an outer space theme into its July 4th session, based on that day's landing of the rover: "Pathfinder" on Mars. Occasional inputs from the live CNN coverage of the Pathfinder landing, random audio excerpts from science fiction story records, readings from Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles," and a Dadaesque rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" lead the jammers into an uncharted area. Contained in these audio files is the experience as it happened: an unrehearsed excursion into the cosmos.


  1. Thanks for interest and for passing the word, Fanch.

    The makeshift drawer is full of treasure.


  2. I love this "Rocks on Mars" thing. Pathfinding is very cool, and took me off guard.