Friday, February 25, 2011

Sean Downey

This guy reminds me of TMBG or an new wave Daniel Johnston. I could hear him doing some kind of voice on YO GABBA GABBA or something.

here are some albums. They are often strange, often fun, and certainly quirky.

affinity - d/l - This has really crazy cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song.

rumpus - d/l - this is just a song

smother lumpkins - d/l

ancillary - d/l

first album - d/l (2005)

velar plosive - d/l (2010) - Odin Boy is a pretty cool track with autotune and weirdness. tiny little anus mowmowm.

ferment EP - d/l

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  1. Hey! Super thanks for this! Vidooch is awesome!