Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cassette Songs

Another compilation of random stuff from archive.org. The theme here is all the songs are supposed to have been recorded onto or released originally cassette.

1.The Microcassette Recorder
- Jeff W

2.Buttback - Michael FH Cunningham

3.Puppets of Nostalgia - Door

4.God Bless America -Dissim (go here if you want to listen to the entire tape this track is from)

5.Side A(Chemical Valley, Tickle and Trickle, TG Homage, Slime Grind) - Ruin

6. C2SA002 - Ear of the Rat

7. I El Rey Sádico II El Pueblo Masoquista (Esclavo 2)
- Thanatoloop

8. National Felt Cassette 2 - Rick Rash

an aside, I'm going to link to the entire Ear of the Rat thing:


LO! A voice cries out, from the basements of an surburban wilderness.

Recorded live to 60 min normal cassette using a Texas Instruments Program Recorder Model No. PHP 2700 resulting in insane condenser mic compression and distortion effects. Cool beans!"

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