Saturday, May 21, 2011

meta discussion, bugs, and pee

My criteria might change sometimes. I'm about to link something that's been downloaded 17,113 times. Normally I'd skip something like that. It's pretty arbitrary, but I'm trying to uncover things here. Fanch's criteria may be completely other. I mostly like the things I link, or find something particularly interesting about them.

This thing, though. I don't know yet exactly what I think. After a few songs, though, I know this: I'm pretty surprised at the number of downloads. Not that it's bad. It's strange, and it's goofy, and silly. It's not something I'd expect to have so many downloads. So I find myself wondering if there's something I'm missing (this is something that contains something that went viral?), or, my more cynical side wonders, is someone playing with the system trying to up the number of downloads?

What do the downloads mean, anyway? More on that in a minute. Let's get to the actual.

Pee-Bug - Witch Pizza Going Sally [csr047] (2004)

There's no download link that I see.

One other possibility: this label is very good at getting the word out. Whatever, exactly, that word is.

So track 3 is called "Two Dead Chickens And Heaven", and is instrumental, but nevertheless reminds me of some stuff halaka did. One time. I don't remember when.

I like to keep on listening to whatever this is. Still don't know what I think about it.

What's a download? How is the tabulation tabulated? Who keeps the record sheet? What constitutes a download?

I will go now.

UPDATE: thanks to an intrepid commenter, I've been made aware that there is in fact a download link. Here you go: dl


  1. The download link is on the left


  2. weird, I don't know how I missed. Will update post. Thanks!