Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pile rEcords Radio Ep 3 - Thrift Store LP Extravaganza

The 3rd Episode of Pile records radio, this one featuring songs from records picked up at thrift stores.

Here's what was played as far as I can remember(artist/song):

1)Hirax - Criminal Punishment
2)The Silliest Songs - Silly Nothings
3)Bloodrock -America, America
4)Synergy - Orbit 5
5)Ein Prosit Der Gemutlchkeit - Kornblumenblau
6)The Neighborhoods - The Man
7)Dark Shadows - Quentin's Theme
8)Eberhard Schoener - Trans-Am
9)Jerry Field and The Lawyers - The Trial
10)Tammy - Tammy's Theme
11)The Happening - Cold Water
12)Cities - Burn Forever
13)Synergy - After The Earthquake

This was my first attempt at using the record play deal to broadcast, and since I don't have multiple inputs set up at the moment there's no talking in this episode. I apologize for the dead air and the occasional terrible needle drop.

Pile Records Radio on Spreaker

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