Thursday, June 30, 2011

More From The Comfort Stand

This compilation on Comfort Stand is sort of the reason this blog was started, I mean the blog wasn't started because of this particular compilation, but more, you know, the spirit of this compilation. My friends and I have always enjoyed combing the aisles of thrift stores looking for cassette tape gold.

Party Fun with Recorders Volume 1:

"Home Recordings. Children singing, screaming and storytelling.

Remember when you were a kid? Did you have a recorder? Even if you never held a microphone to your mouth and screamed making funny faces, I'm sure you can recall a time when you jumped around like a silly little monkey hooting and hollering. Maybe you still do! We hope so.

All recordings are sourced from cassette tapes found in thrift stores and junk shops, tapes dubbed for us and one tape was even found in a gutter! The only exception being the last track on this recording, by Grandpa Norm, singing to his grandson and we thought it fit quite nice on this compilation of home cassette recordings."

sample: Justin - Rock N Roll Boy


bonus sample: Rock N Roll Boy (cover) -Jonathan Coulton

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