Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is this thing on?

In a final pathetic attempt to find out if real beings actually read this place I'm offering a give away. I know a few people come here once in awhile like the guys over at pen&mallet and our friend Appalachian Yard Art, but I see anywhere 30 to 100 visitors a day, and I have no idea who or what they are. So here's the deal: Send an email to with a name and an address telling me what the best thing you've found in the drawer in the makeshift desk and I'll send you something. It'll be great. USofA only, sorry.

I found some stuff while cleaning and I figured I'd give it all away. Here's what's up for grabs:

Halaka samplers - I have several cd-r samplers that were put together in 2000-2001 that never made it out of my place. Some tracks on these samplers have been released others have not. Jewel case with print out liner notes.

Halaka sampler (2009) - a few of these were made by kingo sleemer, comes in a slip case.

Halaka - TVOTISH (2008) - #2 of a 2 run cd-r series done by Fanch, comes in a slip case.

Halaka - bootleg, State of taking over. This was recorded live in the 90's at a show for which no one came. The mix is horrible and the masters were lost. Comes in a slip case. Hasn't been released anywhere.

Halaka - Split rough mix 7/20/2009 - this was a rough mix of material fanch put together for a split album that never happened. It comes on cd-r. I might make some stupid package for it. I might just throw it in a box. There's only one.

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