Saturday, February 25, 2012

found Photos

When this blog first started it was going to be about more than music, it was going to be about found stuff too. I like to look through old stuff. I like looking at old stuff. I like finding old stuff. I came across these photos in my grandparent's basement. From what I understand my grandfather bought the house next door to his old house from an older couple that had no living relatives. With the house came all their possessions...maybe. My grandparents recently passed and part of my dealing with it process has been to look through boxes and trunks and things full of old stuff in their home. In one particular box I found a pile of stuff belonging to these neighbors. Postcards, newspaper clippings, letters, love letters, bills of sale, etc. There were also some pictures from the early 1920's that I think are pretty cool. So here are some of them. Music later. More photos later.

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