Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unfinished album

The year was 2000, or was it 2001? Memory lies, lays, sits stinking in the pit of a rotten peach. Halaka got the idea that they'd record some actual real songs. So they wrote some songs. They recorded them. Then they wrote some more songs and recorded them. They decided to make a record. They fell ass backwards into a giant professionalized studio space. They rerecorded songs and wrote more. It's 2004 now. Three guys are standing in a large high ceiling room recording 20 minutes of guitar feedback. Someone decides to put an ebow on something. Halaka falls assforwards out of the giant studio space and returns to garages, basements, and apartments. Vocals are rerecorded across the internet. It's 2006. The drums on that one song from 2001 aren't really doing it. We've got to rerecord them with another drummer. No we don't. yes we do. Well does anyone remember how to play the riff? I think so. The vocals never quite clicked on that one. Let's redo them. All in all there were 10 songs. they sit on a shelf unfinished. In need of polish, mastering, sunny days, retooling, etc. It's 12 years later. Some of the guys never want this album to see the light of day. Some guys think it's too commercial for Halaka. Some guys think it just might be the band's saving grace. Or maybe nobody has any opinion at all because recording it stopped being fun at some point. Who knows. We never finish anything and that's the way we like it. But, because somebody has to stir the pot, wiggle the pickle, shake the shamrock, eat the pig, deliver the goods, run the race, split the peas, kill the flies, armbar the champ, shave the face, drive the wagon, point the laser, sow the seed, reap the panda, and on and on and on here's a leak of of a song.



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