Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BlackSmoke I.

I remember Algebrassiere, because they have an apartment right on the bottom of the place where I hide when I am not around to know where I am. Imagine my concertation when a first-thing-in-the-morning search amongst the archives of org for "entirely experiment" bring back, as the top of the first, this thing I haven't heard (or don't remember) from DJSzoWhat.

Here's what he do say:

Improvisational music experiment by DJSzoWhat? a.k.a. Mark Richards, member of ill-famed noise ensemble: Algebrassiere. The second in a series of works created entirely with free and fantastic software FoolsDicta-V1 from Leafcutter John. These improvised works were done with a number of original 'organic' samples, and the suggestion of constant rhythym-modulation was the intention.
BlackSmoke I. at archive.org

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