Thursday, June 28, 2012

Demovangelis - The Duty of 3 in 1

Picked this up from  the artist himself handing them out from a shoebox on the street. Outsider Prog Metal? Maybe. This guy records all his stuff one instrument at a time on a portastudio in his apartment. I think the guitars are real, but everything else sounds like a keyboard or drum machine. The guy has talent, his arrangements are at times complex and crazy. If you're up for a weird adventure with slight biblical overtones (ok, there's more than a slight amount of Jesus is great here) that sort of sounds like what might happen if the guy that writes all the Iron Maiden songs lived alone in an apartment, did a lot of drugs, and recorded everything with keyboard then this is the adventure for you.

I'll try to get the cover and liner notes posted too.

d/l (vbr zip)

or visit the page

or stream it:

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