Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here's something from Southern Virginia. It's some sort Appalachian misfit whiskey rock.

Sample: Put Down That Chainsaw 

that's sort of one of the more mountain-y sounds.

here's another sample: Lonely Creep

It's sort of a more Alice in Chains/Days of the New vibe, acoustic rock, but it's got those bluegrass mountain-man creaking porch wail for vocals.

I like this thing. Doom and Death Folk maybe? Murder songs and that kinda stuff. the only thing that kinda of stands in the way of my enjoyment is that a few of the tracks sound very much like they've got a drum machine where a live drummer would serve much better.

one more sample: Altered State

country funk Butthole Surfers? Banjo through a phaser?

Decide for yourself.


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