Saturday, December 1, 2012

Isn't CousCous some kind of delicacy for Drivers of Proctology Exams?

It's possible that this person's name is Demis CousCous. There is a band called The Mackerel Heads, there is something else, and some other things. I have yet to find any links to anything that is a full download, though apparently there was a time when that was possible. Prior to the destruction of the internet via Syria and the men who didn't like Megaly Uploading things. I'm not talking about the lady in the show about the gay guy and the redhead. Either. There is a picture of a Johnny Cash album and I am unsure about the first song not being a Johnny Cash song but it's possible that I am simply no longer intelligent. Here's how it self-describes itself there:
Bio: Demis CousCous is in some way affiliated with GrassMonkey. Come Join Demis in his continued exploration of sound, as he becomes more competent by the hour. He has all sorts of shit you ain't never seen before. Some of it was made for him. Some of it was broke by him. Demis CousCous prefers no fixed abode, no rancid toad and no glow below. Facsimile the faithful, and regurgitate the plate. Check out the latest offerings from the affordable mid-price tomy-tronic thankless hoardmonger. Verrily Aretha would be storming the house, alongside trouble, who's head exploded in a comical way yesterday. I've existed as long as I can remember, and thats a few short of my years. Here are my tears, and that rhymes with chairs by the way. Scant beffuddlement erupts in my headphones. Mixing can be such a chore.
You can find the first song I heard by the Mackerel Heads here: Though I don't know what that place is or how it got a bunch of halaka songs on it, so do not trust its viscosity. In case you are Korean, you can find the page for them here: and the myspace page here: I wonder if I'll ever find a full album link. My compatriot has more patience for that kind of business than I.

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