Friday, April 26, 2013

Dead Unicorn

Dead Unicorn make records for the end times.They're from Kingston, NY where it's probably the end times all the time( I have never actually been to Kingston NY, I'm sure it's actually very nice). They do so with drums and bass and not much else. The extra special thing as far as we're concerned is that they are on the creative commons wagon. You can download both their records for free and manipulate the recordings in anyway you choose as long as you share and share alike.  The band is remarkably heavy for a group of two with no guitar in sight. There are elements of sludge, punk, hardcore, emo, and even the occasional vocal harmony. They've got two records Global Thermonuclear War and Yellowstone Supervolcano. They're currently finishing up their third album which will complete their trilogy of end times records.

You can stream both albums below. Personally I like the Yellowstone Supervolcano record a bit better, but both records rock.

I promise I'll post some weird music again soon and hoping to unveil a new feature where the drawer talks to some people.

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