Sunday, April 21, 2013

psychedelic milkman

"recorded in various dorm rooms, public bathrooms and basements from 2004-2006, mixes psychedelic guitar noise with neurotic bedroom folk rock using unusual instruments and lo-fi magic."

ian adcock- all vocals, guitars, electric mandolin, cardboard dulcimer, trombone, homemade percussion, tapes, recording

Anything that has a cardboard dulcimer is good in my book. Ian Adcock's first album is a noisy, lo-fi, folk record with lots of tape hiss, odd sounds, and vocals that sort of remind me of whispering Thom York, but from an alternate universe. This is something to listen to in your closet, late at night when you're not quite sure what is happening around you.

This seems to be the only record he's got on Info says it was available in a limited run as a cd-r, bu there isn't any info about how to get a copy. 


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