Sunday, June 9, 2013

Portugal. The Man

Still hoping to get an interview done with these guys. I've been on the hook for 6 weeks now. Maybe something will happen. Saw them in DC last night. Totally amazing show. Check them out if they come near you. They're also selling the RSD exclusive vinyl reissue of Church Mouth, hand numbered and limited to 500. FOR ONLY $17.

The band worked through some old songs and new including playing Hip Hop Kids for the first time. Jamming Hey Jude on the outro of Sleep Forever was pretty great. Other highlights were Creep in a T-Shirt  Atomic Man, All Your Light, Modern Jesus, and Got It All . One thing you might not guess by listening to portugal. the man is that they can be really fucking heavy when they want to be.  They gave nods to both Black Sabbath and The Beatles in their performance. The band seemed to enjoy being in DC and despite some false starts on Hip Hop Kids and Sea of Air really ripped through most of their set including a few jams/mash-ups.

The light show was cool too. Images of Gourley's freaky art were projected onto large white mountain-like things that were placed on the stage. I would really recommend seeing these guys.

The only real issue I had was the crowd in DC was kind of not the best. Too many drunk frat guys reeking of vomit, and too many people that absolutely refused to get their heads out of their phones during the show. Facebook can wait people. Also, it's not cool to stand right in front of someone and then pick your drunk ass girlfriend up and put her on your shoulders so that the people behind you, that were there BEFORE you, can't actually see anything.  Ah, but I'm being overly negative here. The band was great, the music was great, my wife's company was great. Definitely see these guys if you get a chance. I haven't seen any videos of the show posted yet, but as soon as I find some I'll put it here.

Here's a scan of last night's set list which my wife was able to get from the soundboard guy after the show.

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