Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Demon Queen

Demon Queen is Tobacco (Tom Fec) and Zackey Force Funk. Once upon a time Mr. Fec invited Halaka to come play a show with his other band Black Moth Super Rainbow, or they may have still been satanstompingcaterpillars back then. We turned him down and he ended up playing with The Flaming Lips and having Beck guest on his album instead. (shhhhhh. these time lines don't exactly match up, but I did used to exchange cds with Mr. Fec a long time ago when he ran a tiny label called fuckeroo and played in the allegany white fish, and he did ask us to come to Pittsburgh and play once and we didn't because we're terrible people.)

Anyway, Demon Queen is funky as all get out. I might listen to more hiphop if it sounded like this. You can stream the record here:

Pay close attention to the Homage to Wings in Swoll Tongue

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