Tuesday, May 27, 2014



The first track here - http://asangata.bandcamp.com/album/reabsorption - on the album reabsorption, The Lost Kingdom - reminds me of something.  It's unimportant what it is.

Someone is playing a guitar, and possibly a bass, through an entire broken equipment.  The hackles.  I could chain the ears of my head beneath the desk of my self, burn.  That droning, bent note, scraping across the masonry blocks.  Turn your head to the left.  Whatever you do, don't cough.  Hugh Dunworthy, limping past the basement window.

There are acoustic instruments there.  I recognize the constructs.  There is a piece that is not a piece of desk and you can attach broken metal strings to it.  Nothing will happen.

Asangata is on last.fm here: http://www.last.fm/music/Asangata
I don't know what anyone can do at Last.fm.  I used to know.  It helps me to dream when I am sleeping but dreaming that I am not sleeping.  

Hit that thing again.  

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