Monday, July 28, 2014

Phase Velocity Halaka/Simon Waldram Split Cassette

Limited edition split cassette from the brand spankin' new Phase Velocity label. For their first release they've chosen split cassette from American experimental cult of nobody band, Halaka, and British singer/song writer Simon Waldram. Swalaka is limited to just 30 copies, and I think there are only 18 left. Each side is around 40 minutes. Halaka's side, titled Terminal Inside, plays as sort of a single piece, while Waldram's side is broken into traditional song segments. You can buy the tape here:

Once these are gone there probably won't be anymore. Cassette is currently the only format this music is available in. No digital downloads have surfaced, but some excerpts have been posted over at soundcloud by Phase Velocity.

Check out
 Halaka: Terminal Inside (Excerpt) this is the band at their most straight forward, there's something about this that makes the listener want to punch their surroundings because the ladder doesn't reach to the top.

Simon Waldram: Revolt! an experimental sorta of punk ditty that turns a bit progressive towards the middle. The fuzzy production might cross into shoegaze territory, but without the whole wall of sound.

These tapes were made  by hand and feature liner notes from Halaka's man of mystery, Kingo Sleemer.

I'll post a full review when my copy arrives. 

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