Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapter House

The following letter was written inside a hardback copy of Frank Herbert's Chapterhouse Dune. I picked it up at a used book fair about a year ago.

It's written to Sherry from a person who may or may not be named Shev or Shei. I can't tell. It seems the two had a mutual infatuation with the Dune universe and the life lessons hidden therein. Not quite sure if this written to friend or lover, but it seems like the two won't be seeing eachother for sometime. The letter seems very spur of the moment, but definitely get's a littly sappy at the end.

If you have any sort of opinion on what the author might be trying to say feel free to comment.

The letter as best I can translate:
"A new beginning!" We are coming to a crossroad in our lives. Very much like Dune. Herbert gives us old favorite characters with new persons and situations. When we part ways (for what will seem like eternity) e will be the old familiar characters confronting new ideas. Like the Bene Gesserit you will always be in my heart and mind, no matter how far away you are physically. Hopefully when you read this book or any Dune book you'll be reminding of our friendship. I hope that a phrase, song , or object that you see on your travels will give you good memories. All I ask is that if its a memory of me; smile (Put a big shit ass grin on your face and everyone will want to (k)now the joke. Me!) I don't understand what brought on this sudden urge to write thin in the book, just patronize my romanticism. Never forget that no matter how far away from each other we end up, I am there for you always.

Shei (Shev?)

Always Remember:
Art in any of its many faces, was meant to be shared. It is given to a person who in turn must give it to someone else. If it is not shared it will eventually die. If that should happen, then we are an empty shell. For your fantasies and dreams are someone elses reality. And someone elses reality can be your drams and fantasies. I am a cyclke that is fullfilling and beautiful for all.


  1. do you look for books that have that stuff in them, or is this all from chance?

  2. That letter was pure chance, it happened to be the only original Dune novel that I didn't have. Didn't notice the letter until I got home.

    Mostly it happens by chance.