Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cat and Bird Hospital

Cat and Bird Hospital - Noise Thriller

Here we have something horrible whose every track is named after a Michael Jackson song. Mutated cover songs? Somebody having some issues?

"Beat It is a song about a TV station built on an ancient indian battle ground"

This is way more horrible than its 19,789 downloads would lead one to believe; but you know what they say about cats.

PLUS MOTHERFUCKER: Cat and Bird Hospital don't stop there. Get Well Soon manages to be similarly bad, with the same intentionally offkey and offbase vocals, while at the same time displaying more creativity, weirdness, and spark. This is the kind of thing that gives one the impression that they could be good if that was the point, and if good were something that could actually be quantified. "I have a Secret" is actually quite an interesting song. "A Better Life" actually manages some interesting vocal harmony and interplay.

I'd recommend you ignore the Michael Jackson crap and go for this one, but what the hell do I know. I'll let you stream the latter, all the better to force my opinions on you, the non-existent reader:

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