Thursday, January 6, 2011

of human ruffage

This sort of reminds me of the headache I had one time that lasted the entire time I was in high school. Sunday Bloody Sunday makes an appearance, except it might be underneath the bed. You'd be hard pressed to find anything more impractical than this if you were looking for music to play in your car. Perhaps you should smell it.

of human ruffage - the of human ruffage jazz band plays fucked up early high school blues (without drugs) [quiz 044]

Here's right from the mouth of the nuts: "Of Human Ruffage aka Ian Potts excavates his secret golden electronica hits for his debut ep for Pop Quiz! Mr. Potts has performed in such bands as No Birds, Ride Till Dawn Amigos, You Tel Aviv, and Parades Against Parades. His masterful solo project reveals his talents as a conceptual songsmith with arrangements and juxtapositions that encourage hilarium, booty-grindin' and academic listening."

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