Thursday, January 27, 2011


Pile Records comp #2. I typed Ham, then Eggs into the search box. I found these. In case it wasn't clear before nothing on any of these comps is related to pile records. All tracks are free and available to the public via I'm just putting some of them together around a theme. So. Comp #2 HAM and EGGS!

1) Ham - Julian Winter
2) Jaffar - Ham 12
3) Ham Radio Soundscape - Kim Nakrieko
4) Ham Gravy - Thomas Morris and His Seven Hot Babies
5) Pho Ham Long - Mudlogger
6) Ham and Eggs - Jelly Roll Morton
7) Collecting Eggs - Trevor Ryan Huggins
8) Johnny Antichrist - Scrambled Eggs
9) The Death Eggs are Coming - Poolord
10)Greenland Ham - unattributed

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