Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's a snowy day here in wherever I am. So here's some stuff to listen to. Maybe call it the first pile records blog compilation. I'm making it up right now. These songs are taken from's 78/ cylinder recording archive. I guess you'd consider it mostly big band stuff, old folk, jazz, blues, mountain scruff or I don't even know. Features recordings from the late 1890's to the late 1930's.

Cylinder 78!
1) Chopin's Funeral March - The Edison Concert Band
2) Last Kind Words - Geeshie Wiley - this is a good one.
3) Brother Can You Spare A Dime - Charley Pilloy
4) Halalula I'm A Bum Again - Al Jolson
5) Seven Cent Cotton - Pete Seeger
6) If I Ever Get A Job Again - Dick Robinson
7) Gloomy Sunday - Paul Whiteman with Johnny Hauser - really like this one.
8) Carving the Duck - George W. Johnson
9) Put That Sun Back in the Sky - Rowan's Pennsylvanians
10) Um Um Da Da - Duncan Sisters
11) Lower My Dying Head - Rev. BJ Hill
12) Sing You Sinners - Belle Baker
13) Dark Holler - Clarence Ashley
14) I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again - Kelly Harrell
15) My Gal Irene - Collins and Harlan
16) Bouncer at The Blazing Rag - Len Spencer
17) Champaign Gallop - Edison Concert Band
18) The Liver Complaint Story - Thomas Edison
19) Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down - Bill Broonzy
20) Where is My Good Man At? - Memphis Minnie
21) After the Ball - Chas. K. Harris
22) Good Night Dear - Mrs. Wheeler

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