Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something worth Sampling?

Today on the programme I'm going to stand on the desk and beat on the overhead lights with my shoe. "I just want to emphasize from the beginning that exorcism is a rare thing, and demonic possession is a rare thing." First, some discussion about exorcism, from a Catholic priest and some other guy, includes such knee slappers as a dude saying something comes from Ephesians 7, which DOESN'T EXIST!!! A HA HA! HA! You can download the vbr mp3: d/l

Remember sampling can have another meaning! I've avoided listening to some things on due to their being single songs instead of albums. Here's one such thing, The Exorcism of Candy Caramel by Captain the Parrot. "Improvised and recorded live on 2nd October 2009 in Sapporo, Japan." d/l vbr mp3. Kinda neat, very short, needs other stuff all around it.

How about this? "all tracks by kevin mehmed and sage brooks in montgomery county maryland." Starts of with a synth washing the blackboard, but then the kind of thing we look for around here comes out of somebody's voicebox, talking into a distorted thingy-dinger. "I think about spaceships all the time." The Townhouse Situation and Kits Exorcism" by kkkkasioflubellegend and deepgrave min og dog. Four tracks and one of them looks a lot bigger than the others. Yes, an hour and 13 minutes called "kevin's rock 09-04-10". Horrible guitar, and I'm just sampling here so I can't tell you about the whole hour plus. The other three tracks are actually song-length. If you find something in this block of stuff let me know about it. I think these guys must've lived up the street from me. To be fair this collection could've used its own post.

Finally, something else full length, Noises Of War by Herd of Ether Space, a 1991 cassette album; noises and tapes and samples, oh my. Here are some words:

The show was hosted by the "Art Here" Gallery in Albany, California. The performance was filmed and the live audio was recorded. Taped Rugs Productions released a cassette album from the performance, entitled: "Noises Of War" (NOW) later in 1991. The tape was co-released by the California outlet of Kentucky Fried Royalty recordings, supervised by Don Campau. A couple of edits from the rehearsals were released by Taped Rugs in the following years on other cassette albums as well.

This archive contains all of the audio recordings from the March 1st performance as well as several recordings from the rehearsal sessions. The rehearsals vary in many ways from the actual performance pieces. Their inclusion in this archive helps define the evolution of the performance pieces and showcases the degrees to which HOTES incorporated improvisation into their compositions. Several of the rehearsal recordings archived here have never previously been made available to the public. This archive also contains jpeg files of the cassette cover art for all of the releases related to these recordings as well as jpeg files of the NOW promotional poster and NOW show program.

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