Monday, January 17, 2011


This doesn't really fit here, it's like a rose garden full of ketchup bottles in the morning, but I'm really enjoying it. Dark, gloomy, alt-country, like bonnie prince billy and johnny cash's American Recordings. Sort of. The drums sound canned which is a bit of let down on the tracks with percussion, but the acoustic guitar driven type songs are really pretty great.

There are other albums by this artist on the archive. You can look them up yourself.

Rand Reynolds - Dark Passenger (2 CD)

from the mouth of the source:
"Hillbilly Noir music from southern Indiana. Two cd set; 20 tracks; runtime ~101 minutes. RescueDisk recordings, Bloomington, Indiana."

d/l ( vbr mp3 . zip 113 mb)


Stream it.

Streamed tracks are in the wrong order.

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