Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Radio Show

It's a radio show, an old fashioned radio show. Described with all the trimmings below:

"Two-hour show featuring music by self-taught, mentally "ill", or untrained artists, and A SURPRISE PHONE CALL FROM PAT FRITCHEY, the guy who sings the LCVR theme song."

Begins with the host's discussing outsider music, the first track they play is a nice little Daniel Johnston song from the Hi How Are You? album.

more talking! You can do anything you want, you don't even have to follow the map.

gems and horrible music.


3 peas in a pod from kalamazoo michigan - goin' outta my head. This doesn't do much for me. Sounds like game show music or maybe something from a dance number on the L. Welk show. I don't even think I'd classify it as outsider music except for maybe the lo-fi production.


I Died - 40 seconds of noise.

I guess I shouldn't sit here a narrate the whole thing for you, but the next thing is Wesley Willis.

so maybe listen?



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