Saturday, February 5, 2011


d/l (it's good to save internet resources by using "d/l" instead of typing out the whole word)

We're going backwards here.

This is Transcriptionists - by Celesteville. Up until I verified that I thought it was Celesteville by Transcriptionists. Let's not cross hairs. It doesn't say much, and as of this writing it's been downloaded 7 times. Here's what it says:

Celesteville - Transcriptionists. Recorded in the garage as part of NaSoAlMo 2006.

That is all. What the hell is NaSoAlMo? National Solo Album Month? That'd be my guess. There are, at this point, enough of those things that anytime you get that creative bug you can probably go find one to start tomorrow.

First track is noise, and I was prepared to post some gibberish about noise. There's not really a lot to say about noise, right? But get to track two, "Samideano Blues", and it's mellow and has vocals. It's very good. Track three is upbeat and songy again. Basically this is well performed indi-pop-punk-stuff, lo-fi but not nearly as much as most of what I track down and call lo-fi. Track four, "Watering Tomatoes, Nov 1", has some toy piano, fluttery noises, and is really minimal (not in the technical, musical sense of the word.) Vocals with reverb sort of barely sung alongside this sparse arrangement of noises and that heavily effected toy piano. In the space where there isn't ambient drones and feedback, I'm kind of thinking there could be ambient drones and feedback, but I'm not actually anybody.

Track five, best title so far, "Bullet Points from Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation", is excellent. Too short. Dirty and mean.

So whatever/whoever this is, and whatever NaSoAlMo is, I'd say this is worth a listen. More than that. This is very good, and with every new track I am surprised at the variety. Still it's holding together well as a piece. I'll be adding this to something for further repeat listens.

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