Friday, May 20, 2011

Tapes From Newburgh

Recordings by Paul Gubbins.

"I've tried startin' cults
with Christian Undertones
I've tried fixin' cars
and fixed rate interest loans..."

Here's out of the keyboard of the fingers:

My general method for recording was as follows:
1 Enter into an altered state of consciousness and compose a part or the whole of a song.
2 Attempt to get my equipment turned on and set up properly.
3 Record one take of the new composition, often completing it on the fly.
4 Find a musical instrument or household item that could be used as such, preferably within arm's reach.
5 Listen to recently recorded recording while playing found instrument until the part resembles some semblance of an accompaniment.
6 Record accompaniment.
7 Repeat steps 4 - 6 to taste.

So far - nice raw acoustic folk, or really more Lo-fi in the sense that there are mic-pops, things like that, but well recorded for all of that.

Here's the page.

dl zip file of vbr mp3

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