Friday, May 20, 2011



by Charles Rice Goff III

Goff manipulated the raw audio that he used to create Doublespeak in a variety of ways. Many of the spoken word recordings were simply edited into provocative sound bites. Goff fed audio from both the 1984 Democratic and Republican National Conventions through the Taped Rugs Frippertronics-style tape loop system “live,” as the political circuses were being broadcast to the masses. He also used different applications of the tape loop system to record himself singing and playing electric guitar, tonette, saxophone, harmonica, and innovative percussives. After collecting and editing up the large quantity of source recordings for Doublespeak, Goff measured the timing of each edit and wrote out a plan for meshing them all into a sonic collage. The final production was created with two reel-to-reel master tapes fed through a mixer into a stereo cassette recorder. page

dl (zipped vbr mp3)

Some good stuff here. Nice mix, nice variety of music and samples, long overlapping spoken word samples, side-by-side with instrumental pieces.

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