Thursday, May 19, 2011

catching up and catching out

Two online radio shows (previously called podcasts but they aren't really podcasts because you can't download them) operating in parallel. It's crusting edge, baboi. I've posted a couple more you can stream here.

I've started archiving the episodes here: pile records podcasts. At that point, once they're there, I guess they can then be considered podcasts. Progress.

In alternate realities, here's something interesting I stumbled upon on, but linked here to the guy's actually site: Mark Harp - 24 Hours with Mark Harp. this is 24 hours of music in a much different way than Halaka did 24 hours for 888. This is 24 hours of albums by this Mark Harp guy. I'm currently enjoying hour 3, which is music made from samples. Very well done. Here's a stream from of that hour, in case you want to hang out here and listen:

cuz everyone wants to hang out here and listen.

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