Friday, June 24, 2011


What you'll hear

"This HMVoNW project Wherever you may be was originally released on tape.around 1989. It is now available in digital format here and on the Soundclick site. If you download the HMVoNW1/2 you will hear the tracks as they were on tape. HMV0NW 1 is obviously side A of a c90 tape...HMVoNW 2 side B of the tape.

01) Martians landing
02) Time warp
03) Martian date
04) Retarded alien pizza pirate (pt1)
05) Retarded alien pizza pirate (pt2)
06) Faraway clinic
07) Space shipwrecking
08) Religeon waffle house
09) Martian town meeting
10) Retrograde job stress, nazi style
11) Radio noises (pt1)
12) Indian poems
13) Radio noises (pt2)

Track order as it should be burnt on cd if you download the tracks."

d/l (side 1)
d/l (side 2)

or you can go here to download individual tracks


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