Sunday, May 26, 2013

Davenport Cabinet

Travis Stever, guitarist of Coheed and Cambria, released his second solo album under the name Davenport Cabinet earlier this year. The record, titled 'Our Machine,' is massive hunk of inspired rock with a hint of folk here and there. You definitely get a sense of Davenport Cabinet's appreciation for classic rock  and 80's/90's alternative acts like Dinosaur Jr. on this record.   Highlights for me include, Simple Words, These Bodies, and Black Dirt Burden. At it's heart 'Our Machine' is just a really good rock record.

I happened to download the record via a large online retailer upon its release. Later I bought a beautiful, blue, signed, vinyl copy at a Coheed show. Tucked inside the vinyl sleeve was a dropcard for a digital download of the album. I don't need the code so how about I give it away?  If anyone other than spammers actually view this blog, leave a comment telling me why you want to check out Davenport Cabinet and I'll pick someone to win the code.

Stream some songs below, and if you like the record GO BUY IT.

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  1. I'm a huge Coheed fan and have been lucky enough to hear davenport cabinet as an opening for Coheed at the roseland. Tight on funds but would love to have the dl code so I can bask in the awesomeness that is Davenport Cabinet