Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bad Turkey

"The first (and most definitely worst) LP by Isaac Jacobs & The Abrahams"

Pretty much what'd you'd expect when you search's audio section for "Bad Turkey" and scroll down through four pages of "podcasts". An acoustic guitar and the occasional vocal accident. Track 5, "mad cow disease," is kinda nice in the way that, for me, this kind of thing can be kind of nice. I'd prefer somebody singing on it. Track 7 is "Turkey Jerky is Bad", and that's how we ended up here, in this terrible place, right now.

Wonder if they have a "last (and most definitely not as bad as that) LP" anywhere?

The Abrahams Unplugged (July 7, 2007) - Their sixth LP. More produced. Still pretty terrible. Intentionally so, I think. They reprise "Retard on a Guitar" from that first album here, called "Still a Retard on a Guitar". Definitely something has improved here, but this guy, when he sings, still insists on sounding like one of my kids trying to annoy me. And who knew? With a song title like "Do Not Sniff (fff) 2007" I would expect something meaningful. (to be fair, some of you know my background - if it weren't for the intentionally annoying vocal I'd enjoy this.) The track immediately after it - "Nineteen Ninety Three" - this is better. Much better. Backwards voices, whispers, some nice layers of atmospheric acoustic guitars. I'll leave it there.

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