Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim Storie Juniors

Jim Storie Juniors - Apex.

Lo-fi sort-of-punk rock 'n' roll with some kick-ass stuff going on.

Listen to the second track - Goods and Services. Something about this guy's off-kilter, offsides, off-to-the-side vocals reminds me of a Beach Boy. Maybe Brian Wilson really isn't dead! Or, I mean, the actual Brian Wilson is not where he says he is but is instead in Toronto releasing free off-key weirdness. Listening through the tracks on here I can't quite get my footing, figure out what I think. Some great lyrics, some okay. Somewhere around the 4th track it got all mid-tempo and even draggy. This is sort of like early Weezer shoved through the skeleton key keyhole in the closet door at mom's house. Things pick up again with Sunshine, lots of voices doing not-quite-the-right-thing, and then we move into the title track, with its bouncing rubber ball bass line and psychedelic echoes on the vocals. The guitar gives this one a dark edge.

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