Saturday, June 18, 2011

Portugal. The Man

When an awesome band is giving stuff away I think it's fair to make a note of it, even if it's not the typical meat served at the makeshift desk. Portugal. The Man are from Alaska. They have lots of albums out which you can buy with your money. Since we only host things that are made available free of charge by the artists or labels themselv'

es you won't be getting any of those albums here, but the band is offering free downloads of live recordings from their most recent tour. So go here: and download some great sounding live shows. you'll have to provide an email address and the site will send you a link. Allmusic descirbes Portugal. The Man in the following terms:

"The band's sound recalls Led Zeppelin on occasion, although the closest antecedent is early Jane's Addiction, not only in the clashing sounds of the instruments, but also in Gourley's vocal similarity to Perry Farrell. Gourley actually employs overlapping voices, sometimes in harmonies and countermelodies, with Carothers and Sechrist joining in. His lyrics are hard to make out much of the time, largely because of the mix and the arrangements, but also because he rarely phrases for meaning; the songs sound like they began as rhythm tracks, with the words added only at the end and fitted in over the music. "

then on a later album:

"their approach is best described as alternative pop/rock with theatrical leanings and elements of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and soul. Rock musicals are an influence -- Portugal. The Man's members sound like have been checking out Tommy and Hair -- as are artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Radiohead to the Beatles (the gift that keeps on giving)."

So, I hope you enjoy.

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